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Nariño - Juan Valdez® Gourmet Single Origin Coffee (Beans 454g)

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This Unique coffee grows in the Colombian Andean Mountains (2,300 mts) between strong canyons and volcanoes, and temperatures forcing the cherry to slowly mature, accumulating higher levels of sugars, resulting in an exquisitely delicate and impeccable coffee, known to many as the perfect coffee.

* Aroma: Mild and Exquisite

* Acidity: High producing very low bitterness

* Body: Medium / High

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The fine and sweet coffee from Colombia

This coffee is unique in the world because it is grown at 2,300 mts, which is only possible due to its proximity to the equator (latitudes near 0 degrees), where the solar radiation is constant (1666 average sun hours per year). In addition, the deep canyons and the broken topography are the home of the beginning of the Andes Mountains Chains, creating climatic conditions that force the coffee growing process to last 4 weeks longer, giving the plant the chance to accumulate higher levels of sugars, resulting in an incredible sweet and delicate coffee, with a very pronounced Aroma.

This world renown coffee for achieving what many are calling the perfect coffee, brings with its name the highest standards in their selection. With this region hosting a long tradition in coffee growing, its perfected practices, along with the caring hands (over 34,000 coffee growers) and hearts of the Nariñense families that grow this coffee in small farm lots, no bigger than 2 Acres.

This coffee is grown around the Galeras Volcano and the Rio Patia Canyon.

Juan Valdez Narino Kaffee

In the Colombian Andes, where the coffee cherries ripen more slowly due to the cold and thus increasing form of sugar, arises, thanks to a unique ripening process, an incomparably delicate coffee, which is unique worldwide.

The special character of this coffee results from the interaction between sun and cold. In close proximity to the equator, the coffee cherries can even prosper at an altitude of 2300 meters under special climatic conditions in permanent sunlight.

Enjoy the incomparable, sweet taste of this special coffee.

307 Items
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