Juan Valdez Kaffee Logo

Juan Valdez® coffee especially, is the coffee of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation. This translates in the selection of the best beans from all coffee regions and growers in Colombia. Since the 1960’s, Juan Valdez has been the symbol and face that represents the 500,000 Colombian coffee growers and micro producers, its long tradition in the arduous craftsmanship needed to produce a superior quality coffee and the pride of this art and life form. Juan Valdez represents the social responsibility that comes from a country which its top export is Coffee. This responsibility translates into protecting the coffee growers, its regions, lands, infrastructure and ensuring their families can prosper in better education, roads. With every purchase of Juan Valdez coffee, a percentage goes to the association’s infrastructure fund, which every year is invested in certain regions of need of infrastructure, such as schools, housing, lightening and roads to continue to improve the quality of living and future of the Colombian Coffee growers.