We are proud to finally announce that Juan Valdez® coffee has arrived to Germany, bringing with it its gourmet quality that only 100% Colombian coffee, selected from the best of the farmers in the country with its highland farms can provide. Germany can now finally enjoy the authentic premium coffee from Colombia, Juan Valdez Premium Selection Coffee. 

Juan Valdez among Colombian Coffee GrowersColombian coffee and its recognition as the world’s best coffee comes with all of the responsibility to deliver consistent premium quality in every cup. Not only is Colombian coffee 100% Arabica, but it is the only coffee in the world that is 100% hand picked, selecting only the ripest of cherries to ensure the perfect balance in body, aroma and deliver this indulgence throughout, thus ensuring lower acidity than coffees from other lands. 

Coffee is the pride of Colombia, harvested carefully with effort, dedication and love by more than 500,000 coffee growing families. Colombia, considered a biodiversity paradise, nurtures the coffee growing practices with the slopes of the mountains that allow its coffee to continue to be handpicked only at its highest maturity state, ensuring excellence from farm to cup. 

Who is Juan Valdez® and Why is Colombian Coffee the best decision for your daily indulgence?

Juan Valdez coffee especially, is the coffee of the Colombian Growers Federation. This translates in the selection of the best beans from all coffee regions and growers in Colombia.

Since the 1960’s, Juan Valdez has been the symbol and face that represents the 500,000+ Colombian coffee growers and micro producers, its long tradition in the arduous craftsmanship needed to produce a superior quality coffee and the pride of this art and life form. Juan Valdez represents the social responsibility that comes from a country which its top export is Coffee. This responsibility translates into protecting the coffee growers, its regions, lands, infrastructure and ensuring their families can prosper in better education, roads. Thus, enabling to pass along from generation to generation the inherited tradition to bring the best coffee to the world, while keeping the traditional practices that ensure its sustained quality.

With every purchase of Juan Valdez coffee, a percentage goes to the association’s infrastructure fund, which every year is invested in certain regions of need of infrastructure, such as schools, housing, lightening and roads to continue to improve the quality of living and future of the Colombian Coffee growers.